Tire recycling line for Mesnac

We have produced tire recycling line for company Mesnac from China. This technology is for production granulate 10 mm from trucks and private cars. Capacity of the line is 2-3 ton per hour.

There are folowing shredding machines: tire shredder SCE 1300/1150 150 kW, heavy duty mill GH 600/1200  200 kW and knive mill G 600/1200 110 kW.

The line is now transporting to China.


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Drtič pneumatk SCE 1300/1150 150 kW
Těžký mlýn GH 600/1200 200 kW
Nožový mlýn G 600/1200
Hvězdicové síto
Linka na recyklaci pneumatik Mesnac