Tire recycling line (plant) for Chinese company Mesnac

This tire recycling line was designed according to Mesnac request: throughput 3t/hour, dimension of rubber granules 10 mm, without steel but without final textile separation.

Company Terier delivered all machines in the plant instead of conveyors and feeders, which delivered Mesnac.

Threre are three crushers - one tire shredder SCE 1300/1150 150 kW, one haevy duty mill GH 600/1200 200 kW and one knife mill G 600/1200 110 kW (see products).

Tires are loaded to the shredder by conveyor. Crushed tires go to the screen star where are sorted out. Bigger pieces go back to the shredder. Pieces with desired dimensions (aprox 50 x 50 mm) go to the heavy duty mill GH. Magnetic separation is after mill GH.

Ruber chips without steel go to the knife mill G with sieve 10 mm.

The price of this line is USD 1 000 000.



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