Tyre shredders


The industrial two shaft low speed shredder is a device serving for rough crushing of bulky solid waste as tyres, carpets, wood, plastic, household waste and so on. The shredder is suitable for waste dumps, incineratoors and as a part of a recycling line.


The shredder is designed especialy for tires
Easy changeable knives without shredder dismounting. Small and simple knives from tool steel for shredding tires minimize operating costs to 1/4 comparing with common shredders
Special design incresases throughput for 50 % comparing with common shredders
Robust construction

Technical specification

Shredding area size 1300x1 150mm
Knife width 75, 85, 95, 105 mm
Rotor revolution 0 - 20 rev/min
Drive 2 x planetary gearing box
Power 110, 150 kW
Number of rotor holders/knives 14/336
Throughput 5 - 15 t/hour
Lowering hydraulic aggregate power input 3 kW
Weight 15 t
Rating moment 100 000 Nm
Dimensions w x l x h 4500 x 2100 x 3200

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Product photo

Drtič na pneumatiky
drtič na pneumatiky
Drtič na pneumatiky SCE 1 300/1150 110 kW
Drtič na pneumatiky SCE 1 300/1150 110 kW
Drtič na pneumatiky SCE 1 300/1150
Drtič  na osobní pneumatiky SCE 700/950 30 kW