The big knife mill - granulator G 500/900 55 kW for company Suez

We produced and delivered a plastic waste crushing line to company Suez.

The first feeding device is a belt conveyor 700 mm wide and 8 m long with an indication of metal. Conveyor has wheels.  The second periphery is a winding feeding device, including an unwinding device, again on wheels.

Part of the electrical equipment is the overload control of the mill in cooperation with the conveyor or feeder. The crushed material is transported by airconditioning specially designed for the height of the hall of 5200 mm. Below the cyclone is a turnstile. This is followed by a permanent magnetic grate and separator for magnetic and non-magnetic metals RAPID. Due to the height of the hall, the material falls into a screw conveyor with filling sensors, which carries the material to the frame for bigbags. For continuous operation, the frame for bigbags is equipped with a hopper with a pneumatic closure, so that the line does not have to stop during the replacement of the bigbag. According to safety standards, the constructions are supplemented by galleries, railings and ladders

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Nožový mlýn - drtič plastů G 500/900 75 kW
Nožový mlýn - drtič plastů G 500/900 75 kW
Nožový mlýn - drtič plastů G 500/900 55 kW, podavač, odvíjecí zařízení, pneudoprava, separace
Nožový mlýn - drtič plastů G 500/900 55 kW s podavačem
Odvíjecí zařízení s podavačem na role k nožovému mlýnu
Turniket a vylučovač kovů pod cyklonem
Nožový mlýn - drtič plastů G 500/900 75 kW