Shredder for big plastic tubes, shredding line for plastic

For the company Gascontrol, we produced a line for crushing plastic waste from their production. The line can crush plastic pipes up to a diameter of 630 mm and a thickness of 85 mm. The throughput of the line is 1000 - 1500 kg / hour.

The line consists of an input one - shaft shredder S1 750/1000 150 kW, a conveyor with a metal separator and a knife mill G 500/600 55 kW with air conditioning 7.5 kW.

The one-shaft shredder has one shaft with a diameter of 750 mm, which is equipped with 36 prismatic knives. The rotor is driven on each side by a 75 kW electric motor, which in combination with a planetary gearbox develops the required torque. The rotor has removable ends, so in the event of an accident or squeezing of the bearing surfaces, only these ends can be replaced and a complete rotor does not have to be produced. The crusher also has stator blades.

The crusher is equipped with a hydraulic loader, which is used to load material into the shredder’s hopper. It is driven by a hydraulic unit

The horizontal hopper has an openable side. The side is controlled by hydraulic agegate. The shredder also has a hydraulic pressure in the hopper, which feeds the crushed material into the crusher rotor andguarantees continuous feeding.

The standard knife mill G 500/600 55 kW crushes the material using five rotor and two stator knives to the required fraction. This is given by the output sieve. When using an 8 mm sieve, the output crumb is 6 - 8 mm.

The crumb is transported by a fan from the mill and then through a pipe into a cyclone, where dust is separated. It goes out with the air to the filters. Pure plastic crumb falls through the turnstile to the filling station with two bigbags. When one bigbag is full, the filling is moved to another and the full bigbag is replaced.

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Jednohřídelový drtič S1/750 1000 150 kW
Nožový mlýn - drtič plastů G 500/600 55 kW
Jednohřídelový drtič S1/750 1000 150 kW
Jednohřídelový drtič S1/750 1000 150 kW
Jednohřídelový drtič S1/750 1000 150 kW
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