Knife mill G 400/900


Are for recycling solid waste as plastic rubber, cables and so on. Dimension of output flakes is according to sieve - 2 mm and more.


- ideal for recycling plastic, rubber, textile
and similar waste
- overload control (electrical and mechanical)
- easy cleaning when changing material
- optimum granulate quality

Technical specification

-diam. of rotor 400 [mm]
-lenght of rotor 900 [mm]
-power 45 [kW]
-weight 2 200 [kg]
-throughoutput 400-2000 [kg/hour]
-stator knives 2 x 2 segments 450 [mm]
-rotor knives 3 x 2 segments 450 [mm]

product source

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Product photo

Nožový mlýn G 400/900 s lomeným dopravníkem
Nožový mlýn G 400/900 se vzduchotechnikou
Nožový mlýn G 400/900