Knive mill - granulator for skeletal waste


Are for recycling solid waste as plastic rubber, cables and so on. Dimension of output flakes is according to sieve - 2 mm and more.


- ideal for recycling waste from sheet extrusion line
-continous infeed speed from 3 to 25 m/min
-easy control of feeding material
-easy cleaning when changing material
-optimum granulate quality

Technical specification

-diam. of rotor 200 [mm]
-lenght of rotor 900 [mm]
-motor output 5.5 or 15 [kW]
-weight 700 [kg]
-output 50-150 [kg/hour]

product source

Dokument GF 200/900

Product photo

GF 200/900 standard
GF 200/900 odhlučněný
GF 200/900 odhlučněný
GF 200/900 v provozu
GF 200/1000
GF 200/1000
GF 200/1000