[13.09.2023] Mezinárodní strojírenský veletr ...

MSV 2023
we are happy to participate in the International Engineering Fair in Brno. The fair will take place from 10 to 13 October 2023. Our exhibition is in pavilion G1, stand 72 For a free ... [ continue ]

[13.06.2023] Dokončujeme nové firemní stránky

Dokončujeme nové firmení stránky a tak novinky s popisem uvidíte až na nich  (nejdéle do knce prázdnin (31.08.2023). A novinek je spousta - drtící linky a specielně upravené drtící ... [ continue ]

[30.05.2022] Shredder for big plastic tubes, shredding ...

Linka na drcení plastů
For the company Gascontrol, we produced a line for crushing plastic waste from their production. The line can crush plastic pipes up to a diameter of 630 mm and a thickness of 85 mm. The throughput ... [ continue ]

[16.02.2022] Knife mills - cable crushers

Nožový mlýn - drtič kabelů G 500/600 55 kW
We produced two knife mills for cable crushing for the JM Company, which deals with cable recycling. These are the G 500/600 55 kW mill and the G 400/600 45 kW mill. Both mills are included in ... [ continue ]

[22.11.2021] Single shaft shredders - big one for ...

Jednohřídelový drtič S1/350 1500 90 kW
We have supplied three single shaft shredders for different applications. We delivered a large single shaft shredder S1 / 350 1500 90 kW to the Polish company Skromet. It is used for crushing ... [ continue ]

[03.05.2021] Two knife mills for company TP Plast

Nožový mlýn - drtič plastů G 300/400 15 kW, kombinovaná násypka
We delivered two sets of knife mills to TP Plast. The mill G 300/400 15 kW was delivered with a combined hopper for long profiles. The crumb transport is by a 1.1 kW fan via a cyclone placed ... [ continue ]

[21.01.2021] Crushing of plastic waste for a pyrolysis ...

Nožový mlýn - drtič plastů G 300/400 15 kW
We manufactured and delivered a simple line for crushing plastic waste for a pyrolysis unit. The line starts with a hopper with a grate, into which pre-crushed plastic waste is loaded by ... [ continue ]

[14.09.2020] The big knife mill - granulator G 500/900 ...

Nožový mlýn - drtič plastů G 500/900 75 kW
We produced and delivered a plastic waste crushing line to company Suez. The first feeding device is a belt conveyor 700 mm wide and 8 m long with an indication of metal. Conveyor has wheels.  ... [ continue ]
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