[02.06.2020] Crushing of plastics with steel and ...

Nožový hranolový mlýn - drtič GH 400/400 30 kW, odhlučněný
For company Continental Automotive, we have manufactured and supplied crushing equipment with accessories for crushing plastic waste containing steel and non-ferrous metals. The knife prismatic ... [ continue ]

[31.03.2020] Dotace na pořízení strojů a technologií ...

Společně s naším partnerem firmou RPA Vám pomůžeme získat dotace na stroje a technologie z našeho výrobního programu. [ continue ]

[24.03.2020] Shredding - crushing lin for foam glass ...

Drtící tandem rozdružovač - mlýn
For company Pittsburg Corning CR - Foamglas in Klášterec nad Ohří, we produced and supplied a foamglas crushing line. Crushed material is waste from the production of foamglas, which is ... [ continue ]

[16.09.2019] International Engineering Fair MSV 2019

MSV Brno
We presented our firm at Engineering Fair in Brno from 7.10. to 11.10.2019 in Brno.     Thank You Your visit. [ continue ]

[26.06.2019] Knife mills, granulators are best-selling ...

Pětistý nožový mlýn ( G 400/600 30 kW )
Knife mills are constantly the best-selling products of our company. This month we have already produced a 500th knife mill. It was currently the best-selling G 400/600 30 kW mill with production ... [ continue ]

[08.03.2019] Shredder for metal waste, AlFe cables ...

Drtič na kov SCE 800 2 x 22 kW
We designed new type of shredder suitable for shredding metal, AlFe cables and ismilar waste. Shredder has two solid rotors with knives holders. Knives holders and distance rings are forced ... [ continue ]

[18.01.2019] Shredding line for plastic waste

We dekivered shredding line for plastic waste to the company Veolia. The line start with conveyor 500/4000, whixh feed pastic waste to the one shaft sjredder S1/350 1000. Dimension of plastic ... [ continue ]

[25.05.2018] Knife mill - granulator G 400/600 45 ...

Nožový mlýn G 400/600 45 kW se vzduchotechnikou
We delivered 2 mills G 400/600 45 kW to company Veolia. This mill is stronger version of the standard mill G 400/6000 30 kW. This mill has bigger diameter of the shaft, bigger flywheel, bigger ... [ continue ]
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