[26.06.2019] Knife mills, granulators are best-selling ...

Pětistý nožový mlýn ( G 400/600 30 kW )
Knife mills are constantly the best-selling products of our company. This month we have already produced a 500th knife mill. It was currently the best-selling G 400/600 30 kW mill with production ... [ continue ]

[08.03.2019] Shredder for metal waste, AlFe cables ...

Drtič na kov SCE 1300/1150 150 kW
We designed new type of shredder suitable for shredding metal, AlFe cables and ismilar waste. Shredder has two solid rotors with knives holders. Knives holders and distance rings are forced ... [ continue ]

[18.01.2019] Shredding line for plastic waste

We delivered shredding line for plastic waste to the company Veolia. The line start with conveyor 500/4000, whixh feed pastic waste to the one shaft sjredder S1/350 1000. Dimension of plastic ... [ continue ]

[25.05.2018] Knife mill - granulator G 400/600 45 ...

Nožový mlýn G 400/600 45 kW se vzduchotechnikou
We delivered 2 mills G 400/600 45 kW to company Veolia. This mill is stronger version of the standard mill G 400/6000 30 kW. This mill has bigger diameter of the shaft, bigger flywheel, bigger ... [ continue ]

[24.05.2018] Shredding line for plastic waste

Linka na drcení plastů
We delivered shredding line for plastic waste. The line for shred plastic waste consist of input conveyor, one shaft shredder S1/250 1000 30 kW, conveyor for preshredded material from shredder ... [ continue ]

[25.09.2017] Knife mills for long profiles

Nožový mlýn G 400/400 15 kW, boční vstup na dlouhé profily a trubky
We delivered knif mills for crusing ling profiles and tubes for companies Böhm extruplast and Spur. They are standrad knife mills with special input hopper. [ continue ]

[15.09.2017] Recycling plant for used auto seats

Recyklační linka na autosedačky
We have produced recycling plant for recycling auto seats. The main machine is the heavy duty mill GH 400/600 45 kW with prismatic knives, which is able to crush autoseats with steel frame. More ... [ continue ]

[15.09.2017] Knif mill G 500/600 for Autoneum

Nožový mlýn G 500/600 45 kW
For company Autoneum Choceň we delivered heavy duty knife mill G 500/600 45 kW. We delivered it with our partner for air extraction and filtration - Cipres filtr. This instalation is for crushing ... [ continue ]
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