[18.01.2019] Shredding line for plastic waste

We delivered shredding line for plastic waste to the company Veolia. The line start with conveyor 500/4000, whixh feed pastic waste to the one shaft sjredder S1/350 1000. Dimension of plastic ... [ continue ]

[25.05.2018] Knife mill - granulator G 400/600 45 ...

Nožový mlýn G 400/600 45 kW se vzduchotechnikou
We delivered 2 mills G 400/600 45 kW to company Veolia. This mill is stronger version of the standard mill G 400/6000 30 kW. This mill has bigger diameter of the shaft, bigger flywheel, bigger ... [ continue ]

[24.05.2018] Shredding line for plastic waste

Linka na drcení plastů
We delivered shredding line for plastic waste. The line for shred plastic waste consist of input conveyor, one shaft shredder S1/250 1000 30 kW, conveyor for preshredded material from shredder ... [ continue ]

[25.09.2017] Knife mills for long profiles

Nožový mlýn G 400/400 15 kW, boční vstup na dlouhé profily a trubky
We delivered knif mills for crusing ling profiles and tubes for companies Böhm extruplast and Spur. They are standrad knife mills with special input hopper. [ continue ]

[15.09.2017] Recycling plant for used auto seats

Recyklační linka na autosedačky
We have produced recycling plant for recycling auto seats. The main machine is the heavy duty mill GH 400/600 45 kW with prismatic knives, which is able to crush autoseats with steel frame. More ... [ continue ]

[15.09.2017] Knif mill G 500/600 for Autoneum

Nožový mlýn G 500/600 45 kW
For company Autoneum Choceň we delivered heavy duty knife mill G 500/600 45 kW. We delivered it with our partner for air extraction and filtration - Cipres filtr. This instalation is for crushing ... [ continue ]

[20.06.2017] We are 25 years on the market.

Company Terier celebrates 25 years on the market. For our customers we prepared the most successful mills with discount 10 %.   There are mills G 300/400 15 kW (we have produced 171 pcs) and ... [ continue ]

[24.03.2017] Twoshaft shredders with changeable knives ...

Dvouhřídelový drtič SBD 600/500 10 kW
We delivered 2 twoshaft shredders for company Yanfeng for grinding ecocore waste. Operator put waste to the chut, which is part of input hopper of special twoshaft shredder SBD 600/500 10 kW. The ... [ continue ]
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