[17.10.2014] Shredder for tires - private cars

Drtič na osobní pneumatiky
Terier delivered small tire shredders designed especialy for shredd tires, This version with power  30 kW and shredding area 700 x 950 mm is for private car tires. Shredder has all advantages ... [ continue ]

[15.10.2014] Plant for cleaning tire wires

Linka na čištění drátků po recyklaci pneumatik
Terier has delivered plant for clenanig tire wires. Input to the line are tire wires form tire recycling plant (mix of wires and rest of rubber and textile). This line clean wires from rubber ... [ continue ]

[15.08.2014] Tire shredder for Egyptian company Marso ...

Drtič na pneumatiky Terier - drtící prostor pro Marso
  Our company has long-term cooperation with Egyptian company Marso. Marso had been buying machines for tire recycling from our company and from other european producer. Because Marso had long-term ... [ continue ]

[27.05.2014] Mill with serrated knives - single shaft ...

Hřebenový mlýn - jednorotorový hřebenový drtič
We have new machine for recycling tires - mill with serrated knives (single shaft shredder). This is similar mill like heavy duty mill GH, but has different type of knives - serrated knives. Advantages ... [ continue ]

[26.05.2014] Shredder for frozen sand

Drtič a rozdružovač písku
We have produced special shredder for frozen sand for company Sklopísek střeleč. [ continue ]

[10.01.2014] Cable recycling plant G 400/600 with ...

Linka na drcení a recyklaci kabelů
After good experiences with our cable recycling plant company Rado from Poland bought second cable recycling plant G 400/600. [ continue ]

[18.10.2013] Shredding plant for waste sheets.

Linka na drcení tiskárenských odpadů (makulatury).
We delivered shredding plant for waste sheets for printing company Svoboda Press. The line consist of hydraulic loader, conveyor, preshredder and knife mill G 400/600.   [ continue ]

[20.09.2013] International Engineering Fair MSV Brno ...

Veletrh MSV 2013
We exibited at International Engineering Fair in Brno MSV 2013 (link: ). Thank You for Your visit. [ continue ]
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