[18.10.2013] Shredding plant for waste sheets.

Linka na drcení tiskárenských odpadů (makulatury).
We delivered shredding plant for waste sheets for printing company Svoboda Press. The line consist of hydraulic loader, conveyor, preshredder and knife mill G 400/600.   [ continue ]

[20.09.2013] International Engineering Fair MSV Brno ...

Veletrh MSV 2013
We exibited at International Engineering Fair in Brno MSV 2013 (link: ). Thank You for Your visit. [ continue ]

[13.08.2013] Cable recycling plant G 400/6900 with ...

Recyklace kabelů, drcení kabelů
In our standard recycling plant for used cables we use new dry separator with bigger throughput end easier operation. This recycyling plant for cables is good nearly for all type of used cables. ... [ continue ]

[07.06.2013] Shredder for waste with chngeable knives

Drdtič odpadů s výměnnými montovanými noži.
Shredder has two solid rotors with knives holders Easy changeable knives are mounted on the knives holders by 2 screws each. Both sides of knives holder are covered by covers from tool steel. The ... [ continue ]

[08.11.2012] Tire recycling line (plant) for Chinese ...

This tire recycling line was designed according to Mesnac request: throughput 3t/hour, dimension of rubber granules 10 mm, without steel but without final textile separation. Company Terier ... [ continue ]

[21.08.2012] International Trade Fair in Brno 2012

Our firm Terier s.r.o. took part in International Trade Fair in Brno from 10 to 14.09.2012. Thank You for Your visit.     [ continue ]

[17.08.2012] Shredder for incinerator

Drtič SB 1600/800
We delivered shredder SB 1600/800 for incinerator in Kralupy nad Vltavou. This shredder is for industrial waste.   [ continue ]

[17.05.2012] Tire recycling line for Mesnac

Drtič pneumatk SCE 1300/1150 150 kW
We have produced tire recycling line for company Mesnac from China. This technology is for production granulate 10 mm from trucks and private cars. Capacity of the line is 2-3 ton per hour. There ... [ continue ]
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