[20.01.2012] Cable recycling plant with throughput ...

Linka kabely 1t
We delivered cable recycling plant with throughput 800 - 1 000 kg/hour togoether with our partner from Germany, company Europarts. Terier delivered Shredding machines and magnetic separation ... [ continue ]

[01.09.2011] International trade fair in Brno 2011

Mezinárodní strojírenský veletrh v Brně MSV 2011
We took part in International Trade Fair in Brno. Thank You for Your visit and see You next Year. See [ continue ]

[19.08.2011] Star screen

Hvězdicové třídící síto
Firma Terier has produced star screen for sorting shredded tires. We used our experiences with star screens from our subcontractors in our tire recycling lines. We eliminated lacks of these ... [ continue ]

[03.06.2011] Knife mill - granulator for skeletal ...

We have procuced the new mill for skeletal waste (waste during production of packing for food). This skeletal waste granulator is designed for contiunous granulating in production line. Infeed ... [ continue ]

[13.05.2011] Tires recycling - shredding line with ...

Drtící linka na pneumatiky Godecie
We installed simple tire shredding line for company Godecie. Output from this line are chips 70 x 70 mm. Tire shredder SCE 1 300/1 150 110 kW (more information - see products/two shaft shredders) is ... [ continue ]

[19.04.2011] Tires recycling in Egypt

Recyklacei pneumatik v Egyptě
We installed the main part of tire recycling line in Egyptian firm Marso. Heavy duty mill GH 600/1200 200 kW (see leaflets) grinds tires to crumb 20-25 mm and 90-95% of steel is   separated ... [ continue ]

[25.03.2011] Tire shredder

Drtič pneumatik
Company terier started to produce the new twoshaft shredder for tire shredding. More information in products . [ continue ]
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