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Tire recycling

Auxiliary machines for recycling tires are listed in this section of the catalog. 

The Terier company has been engaged in the development and production of tire shredding and recycling machines for a long time. The input double-shaft shredder, specially designed for shredding tires, serves to shredd whole tires. Details on tire shredders can be found here

Heavy duty prism and serated mills crush pre-crushed tires into a finer crumb. Heavy duty prism mills can be found here. Heavy duty serated mills can be found here

The hydraulic shears cuts large tires into pieces that can be processed in a tire shredder. They are especially suitable for rear tractor tires.

The truck tire cutter cuts the tire into two pieces around the perimeter. When it is cut, foreign material (minerals, metal, ice, water, ...) falls out of the tire, which would wear out the crushing tools in the line. By cutting, a more manageable semi-finished product is obtained - half a tire.

The truck tire debeader pulls out the bead. This will significantly reduce the metal content that passes through the line and thus reduce the wear and tear of the individual crushing machines. At the same time, pure iron is obtained.

We produce tire recycling lines from our machines. Details aboud tire recycling lines can be found here