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About us

The company Terrier s.r.o. designs and manufactures machines (shredders, mills), lines for crushing, recycling and processing of industrial and municipal waste, lines for plastic and rubber plants since 1992. Their development and production is based on long-term experience in crushing solid materials (plastic, rubber, tires, wood, paper, municipal waste, etc.). The design studio provides development and customer requirements in this area and develops single-purpose machines. The basis of the company's production program is a comprehensive range of shredders and knife mills, from small to large-capacity machines, designed for waste recycling.

Knife mills (plastic shredders) are mainly used for single-type sorted waste, such as recycling plastics, rubber, paper, wood, textiles, cables and the like. The output grit is from 3 to 50 mm, depending on the sieve used.

Slow-moving double-shaft shredders are used for crushing coarse, unsorted and bulky waste (tires, wood, paper, municipal waste, etc.). In the case of tough material, the output shreds are strips with a width of 15 - 90 mm and a length of 50 to 400 mm. In the case of brittle materials, it is coarse grit from 30 to 100 mm.

Slow single shaft shredders are a compromise between knife mills and double shaft shredders. They make it possible to crush bulky waste, and the size of the output debris is determined by the holes in the outlet sieve.

Tire recycling and shredding machines are a separate category.

In addition to standard machines, the Terier company produces auxiliary, preparatory, machines for complete sets of our lines (pluckers, hydraulic shears, etc.) and single-purpose machines according to specific customer requirements. From our products, we assemble technological recycling lines both standard and at the customer's request (tyre recycling, cable recycling, PET bottle recycling, municipal waste processing, etc.).

All machines produced by the company Terier are of their own design. The close connection between the production, construction and management of the company enables us to respond flexibly to non-standard customer requirements and to permanently improve the technical level of the company's products.

The atelier is equipped with networked computer workstations equipped with the successful Czech Varicad software, which, as standard, enables projecting and modeling in 3D. The time of projection and non-standard adjustments is thus significantly reduced.

The company Terrier s.r.o. has already produced over 800 crushers and knife mills, which work, for example, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, Sudan, Switzerland and Holland.

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