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About us

Company Terier s.r.o. produces machines (shredders, knives mills,grinders,...) and technological lines for solid waste recycling since 1992. Our designers design machines and lines for solid waste processing and single purpose machines..

We specialize in producing granulators and shredders varying in size from the smallest to the biggest.

Granulators are produced according to our 25 years experiences with grinding plastic. They are used for recycling solid waste as plastic, leather, rubber, textile, paper, cables... Dimension of output flakes is according to sieve (3-50 mm).

Shredders are used for preshredding bulky waste or grinding huge amounts of solid waste (municipal waste, incinerators, tyres, wood,...). Output pieces have dimension aprox. ((15-50) x (50-400)) mm .

Company Terier produces additional machines for technological lines (for ex., debeaders and hydraulic shears for tires) and single purpose machines according to custom's requirement. All those machines are mainly for recycling of solid waste such as tires, plastic, rubber, wood, textile, non-ferrous metal and so on.

All machines produced by company Terier are produced acording to our designers. Technical level of our products is improved by close cooperation between designers, tchniciens and workers.

Our designers work with Czech's CAD 3D software Varicad.

Company Terier s.r.o. has produced more than 700 shredders and knives mills, which are in operation for ex. in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, Sudan, Switzerland and Holland.


Terier z ptačíTerier ABTer konstrukce 3DTerier halaKnife mill - granulator, production of the rotorTire shredderKnife mill - granulator G 500/900 75 kW vith airconditioningKnife mill - granulator G 500/900 - grinding area