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High-capacity cable recycling plant


We produce cable recycling plant with throughput 500 - 1 000 kg/hour.

Cable recycling plant with throughput 1 000 kg/hour:

Input conveyor 1200/7000
Single shaft shredder S1 1 500/350 90 kW
Angle conveyor  400/1900/2600
Vibrating conveyor 600/2000
Magnetic separator 500/1290
Frame for magnetic separation
Conveyor to the mill 600/3100
Mill G 500/900 90 kW
Blower 7,5 kW, tubes, cyclon
Distributor to the separators
Two separators
Dust collector from separators
Transport of plastic and rubber to bigbags
Central distributor


Description of the plant (line):

The operator feed the cables with a loader, a grab, or on an input conveyor into the S1 1500/350 90 kW single shaft shredder. It is a slow-moving shredder. The input hopper of the shredder is 1,900 x 1,500 mm. The preshredded cables are transported from the shredder by a conveyor.

The pre-crushed cables (size approx. 50 mm, which is a suitable  for the knife mill) falls onto the vibrating conveyor, where they are spread over and steel is magnetically separated by a magnetic belt separator.

The separated cables falls into the hopper of the belt conveyor. It transports pre-crushed cables to the G 500/900 90 kW knife mill. During crushing, the metal is separated from the plastic.  The size of the granulated cables depandes on the screen.  Depending on the type of cables, screens with openings from 3 to 6 mm are used.

Granulated cables are transported by a powerful transport blower to two separation tables. On them, the metal will separate from the plastic.

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Technical parameters

Motor/power55 - 300 kW
Throughput500 - 1 000 kg/h