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Recycling plant for plastic waste


The plastic shredding and recycling plant is for to shredding plastic waste of various sizes, including large size plastic waste.  Ttypical machines in the plant are an input conveyor, a single-shaft shredder, a conveyor from the shredder to knife mill and a knife mill for grinding into fine granules suitable for repeated use in production.

We supply reccycling plants with output from 100 kg/hour to 5,000 kg/hour.

The parameters for determining the composition of the line are the size of the largest required waste, the hourly quantity and the required size of the output  granules.

Plastic recycling plant with thoughput 600 - 1 000 kg/hour:

Input belt conveyor 1200/6000
Single-shaft shredder S1/350 1 200 110 kW, hydraulic pushing device 4 kW
Angled conveyor 600/1800/3000, stainless steel part
Belt magnetic separator 500/1290
Frame for belt separator
Knife mill  G 400/900 45 kW
Blower 7,5 kW, tubes, cyclon, turnstile, frame for bigbag
Magnetic separator (under cyclon)
Central electrical cabinet with PCL

Description of the plant:

The operator throws the waste on the input belt conveyor 1200/6000, which transports it to the shredder S1 / 350 1200. This is a single-shaft shredder. You can find a description of the shredder here. The rotor is equipped with prismatic knives. The knives have four blades. After blunting one, the knives turn. The waste is pushed by hydraulic pushing device on the rotor. Under the rotor is the sieve. The shredder is resistant to small hard dirt (M 6 screw, small stones, sheets, fittings, etc). It is able to process large blocks of material.

Pre-crushed waste (size approx. 50 mm, which is a suitable for the subsequent mill) falls into the hopper of the angled belt conveyor 600/1800/3000. It transports pre-crushed waste to the mill G 400 / 900-45 kW. Above the conveyor is a belt magnetic separator which separates the steel.The knife mill is a high-speed machine. Crushing is performed by obliquely mounted knives on a rotating rotor compared to obliquely mounted stator knives. This ensures an oblique cut. The crumb is so high quality and with the minimum possible amount of dust. The size of the crumb is determined by the output screen. We recommend an 8 mm sieve.

The crumb is sucked out by a transport blower. It continues through the pipeline to the cyclone, which is located on the frame. A rotary feeder is mounted at the outlet of the cyclone to separate the overpressure part of the air conditioning system from the surrounding environment. The crumb falls freely through a magnetic grate to capture magnetic impurities in the bigbag.

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Technical parameters

Motor/power45 - 300 kW
Throughput100 - 5 000 kg/h