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Star sieve 1000/3000 5,5 kW


A star sieve is a device used for size sorting of crushed materials.
It is specially used in the back loop after tire shredder in tire recycling.
The sieve is structurally adjusted based on experience with sorting crushed tires and equipped with a frequency converter to control the rotation of the sorting shafts.
It is advantageous to sort fragile and dry materials /stone, coal, limestone, wood, plastic.../.

In the attached video there is a star sieve from the second minute of the video.

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Technical parameters

Motor/power5,5 - 15 kW
RPM60 - 120
Weight2 000 kg
Throughput2 000 - 10 000 kg/h
Lenght1 700 mm
Width3 900 mm
Height2 000 mm