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Simple tire recycling line


A simple crushing and recycling line for tires is used for the production of scraps 50 x 50 to 150 x 150 mm (according to the setting of the star sieve in the line). This scraps is used as a high calorific alternative fuel in cement plants, power plants and incinerators. Another use is as an input semi-finished product for tire recycling lines (pyrolysis, fine crushing,...)

We supply lines with a capacity of 500 kg/hour to 5,000 kg/hour.

Composition of the line with a capacity of 3,000 kg/hour of 50 x 50 mm scraps:

Chain conveyor 1,300mm/7m-23°
Tire shredder SCE -1300-150 kW
Star sieve 900/4000
Output conveyor from the crusher 800mm/9m
Inclined return conveyor 800/7m
Conveyor under sieve 800/2.5 m
Output conveyor for final grit 600/5m
Central electric

A simple description of the line:

The tires are dosed by a chain belt conveyor into the tire shredder SCE-1300 -150 kW specially designed for tire crushing. You can find a description of the tire shredder here

The scraps goes on to a star sieve, which classifies it to a size of approx. 50 x 50 mm. Pieces of pre-shredded tires that are larger than the set mesh gap go back through the return conveyor to the tire  shredder. Conforming pieces continue onto the exit conveyor.

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Technical parameters

Motor/power170 kW
Weight30 000 kg
Throughput3 000 kg/h
Lenght16 000 mm
Width10 000 mm
Height4 000 mm